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SAISHA Electricals offers solutions in Energy Audit, Monitoring and Automation. We deal with High End Industrial Meters, Power Analyzers, Controllers and Automation Systems. We have developed our own Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) which is highly reliable and accurate system. We are offering these systems with high speed functioning and multi level password. These systems are provided with multi-mode ports.
We are Authorized Distributor for –

  1. 1. “SATEC”, Israel make Multifunction meters, Power Analyzers
  2. 2. “EMKO”, Turkey make AMF and Pump Controllers
  3. 3. “Silicon” make Battery Chargers

SAISHA delivers wide range of products. Please click on the links below to know more about the product

Product Range

A) “SATEC” make Multifunction Energy Meter and Power Analyzer – PM130 EH Plus / PM175


Major Features

  • Bright 3-row LED display enabling easy reading
  • Standard RS-485 communication port and an additional plug-in RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet, Profibus, GPRS module
  • True RMS Volts, amps, power, power factor, frequency, Power, Energies in all 4 quadrant with 128 samples/cycle. KWH Imp/Exp, KVARH, KVAH, MD measurements
  • 25/50/60/400 Hz measurement capabilities
  • Class 0.5S and 0.2 S IEC 62053-22 four-quadrant active and reactive energy meter
  • Voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, up to 50th order harmonic
  • Real-time waveform monitoring capability
  • Add on TOU, RTC, DI/DO modules
  • EN50160 compliance statistics, harmonic survey statistics
  • IEEE519 & IEEE 1159 measurement compliance, IEC 61000 Flicker
  • CBEMA/ITIC, IEC 6100-4-7 Harmonics


Emko, Turkey make Engine/Pump Controller


  • Manual and Remote start operation
  • Magnetic Pick-up Sensor input for RPM measurements
  • Programmable through front panel with Password protection
  • 3 Analog Inputs, 3 configurable Binary Inputs, 5 Binary Outputs
  • Indication of operational status and fault status
  • Measurement of Battery Voltage, Speed and running hour
  • Engine Protections – Over/Under , Analog protections
  • D+ terminal for monitoring charging alternator voltage
  • Panel Cut-Out : 81mm x 70mm
  • Protection : IP65 at front panel

Emko, Turkey make AMF Controller


  • Automatic, Manual and Remote start operation
  • Magnetic Pick-up Sensor input for RPM measurements
  • Programmable through front panel with Password protection
  • 3 Resistive Analog Inputs, 5 configurable Binary Inputs, 6 Binary Outputs
  • 3 Phase Mains, generator Voltage and current measurement
  • Active, Reactive Power and Energy measurement
  • Indication of operational status and fault status
  • Measurement of Battery Voltage, Speed and running hour
  • Engine Protections like Over/Under speed, Short Circuit,
    Over current, Analog protections
  • D + terminal for monitoring charging alternator voltage
  • CAN Bus option is available


Energy and Harmonic Test Jig

Portable High End 3 Phase Energy and Harmonics analyzer for testing of Energy meters and for Capacitor Banks. Measurement and Analysis of Voltage and Current THD, TDD and K-Factor, up to 39th Order Harmonic is possible.

  • True RMS Measurement of 3 Phase Voltage, Current, Power and Energy, 50/60 Hz measurement capability
  • Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setup changes
  • Programmable data logs on a periodic basis
  • Automatic daily energy and maximum demand profile log
  • Programmable through front panel with Password protection
  • Standard 2 wire RS-485 communication
  • Special crocodile Pins for Voltage connections
  • Comes with software for meter configuration and Data Analysis
  • Sampling rate – 128 samples/Cycle

Battery Chargers


  • 12V/10 A and 24V/6A Battery chargers
  • Constant output voltage, Current limiting
  • Fail (Relay) output
  • Short circuit protection, Reverse connection protection
  • High temperature protection
  • Wide range operation voltage
  • Suitable for Lead Acid battery
  • Power Supply Voltage : 95-270 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Operation Temperature: -30...60°C
  • Humidity : 0-90%RH (non condensing)
  • Weight: 450 gr.
  • Dimensions: L: 125mm / W: 95mm / H: 56 mm
  • INPUT - Boost Input: Quick charge input. To start quick
    Charge, short circuit the BOOST inputs.


Energy Monitoring System (EMS)

  • The system is based on highly reliable high speed communication features.
  • The system can be expanded in future as required.
  • Data base generation for reports.
  • Required EMS reports are provided as part of the system
  • Real time data, energy monitoring of all Multifunction Meters, IED.
  • Communication via MODBUS RTU over serial and TCP.
  • Maximum 200 nos. energy meters may be connected.
  • Priority in data polling.
  • Trends, alarms, minimum, maximum and average values.
  • Display of SLD and real time in tabular format.
  • Multi-level pass words.
  • Multi-mode of communication ports.
  • Single user and multi user license support.

Fire Pump Panels


  • 3 Analog I/P, 3 Binary Input, 5 Binary output
  • RPM Measurement
  • Fault Alarms on the controller display
  • Engine start stop – Manual and Remote
  • Magnetic Pick-up input for speed measurement
  • Lamp indications
  • Easy Auto / Manual operation
  • Using Emko Pump controller
  • Customized design possible

Customized Automation Software’s

  • Digital Data Loggers system for accessing various parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Voltage, Current, Lux Level etc
  • GSM/GPRS based data logging systems
  • Wireless/Wired Data logging systems
  • Air Quality monitoring system
  • Water Quality monitoring System
  • Customized, web based Stand alone Industrial automation systems

LED Lighting


  • Complete solution with fixture and Driver
  • High quality light source
  • Our own constant current LED driver with Short circuit, Overload protection
  • Power Factor - > 0.95
  • Good heat dissipation housing
  • Available in clear and diffused housing
  • Instant Startup, no initial flicker
  • High efficiency so energy saving
  • Life Span – 50,000 Hrs

Other Panel Accessories like -

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DC Energy Meter
VIF Meter
Earth Fault Relay
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